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Sleep Diagnosis and Care

Our Diagnostic Expertise


Sleep Health has become something of a commodity in recent years. Many providers claim to specialize in sleep, but almost none have the comprehensive training, tools or experience to accurately diagnose one of the 70+ sleep disorders with the goal of improving YOUR overall health. 

For instance, mattress companies profess to be sleep experts. Many dentists claim to be provide sleep "therapy" but in truth, they might better be called "apnea dentists," and their eventual goal might well be to sell you an oral appliance with debatable eventual results. Consider also whether moving the jaw with an appliance is conducive to long-term health!  Sleep is so much more than sleep apnea, and in fact, seep apnea, even though it affects 50 million people, isn't even the most prevalent of sleep disorders in the population.  That distinction belongs to Insomnia.

Sadly, the medical industry hasn't been pure in its approach to sleep diagnosis and care over the decades either. Many clinicians still prescribe out sleep aids when the evidence shows that these potent pharmaceuticals can be damaging to general health, worsen "all-cause mortality," and destroy good sleep health and sleep "architecture."   

We know sleep!  We know sleep science, sleep solutions, the evidence for virtually all "sleep solutions" and we have decades of experience with patients just like you! Every human being is distinct and has a unique combination of sleep symptoms and presentation.  Sleep is highly individualized and sleep outcomes No two individuals are the same when it comes to sleep. we will apply this knowledge to help you achieve the sleep and good health you deserve and are  seeking.  No matter what the diagnostic pathway - in our labs, at home or in an ambulatory setting with our clinician/s - we will investigate your sleep concern and help you to resolve that concern through expert diagnosis, consultation, and therapeutic alternatives that are customized for YOU. 

YOUR testing and results are documented and analyzed by our credentialed, registered polysomnographic technologists and interpreted by our Sleep Specialist Physicians at the highest levels of clinical competency in sleep medicine.

Unfortunately, more than 80 percent of sleep apnea remains undiagnosed, and in some areas of the country, less than 5 percent of adults have been tested or treated for the condition. There is a critical and growing need for timely and accurate screening, assessment and treatment of these disorders.

Our Clinicians​


Our clinical team includes physicians boarded in Sleep Medicine, and experienced in general practice so that we not only accurately detect and diagnose your sleep disorder, but then apply solutions that are intended to improve your general health. What good is a "silo" sleep disorder diagnosis and therapy if, through it, you don't achieve better health...FOR LIFE?  That's why our motto is BETTER SLEEP. BETTER HEALTH.

Our Leadership​


We were founded more than 15 years ago as an independent, highly-focused sleep diagnosis and therapy organization.  Since that time, our leaders have continued to innovate with a laser focus on serving the needs of individual consumers and the medical providers who serve them.  We serve on the national leadership boards of industry organizations such as the National Sleep Foundation & Sleep Inc.  We advocate for sleep at the highest levels of Congress and the Senate.  We investigate the latest sleep devices and technology and advise companies who are seeking to bring the best sleep solutions to market.

Administrative Team​


While we have deep technical expertise in sleep, we understand that it takes far more than this to serve and heal patients. Our mission is to restore the health and the dignity of each person we serve. We care about you and we apply servant leadership for your benefit each day.  

Those words aren't written by a copywriter.  They comprise the guiding principles of our successful healthcare practice and we have the integrity, the independence and the resources to apply these principles for YOU - our patient - and our team members each day.  Find out!

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