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Achieve your "D.R.E.A.M." at

the Sleep Show®!

on March 8-10, 2019 at the
George R. Brown Convention Center
in Houston, TX
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Achieve Peak Sleep with these steps...

  1. "D" - DISCOVER, DIAGNOSE, DOCUMENT how you're sleeping.

  2. 'R' - RESOLVE or REPAIR any acute or significant sleep concerns or conditions.

  3. 'E' - ENABLE ENHANCE and ESTABLISH the conditions for optimal sleep.

  4. 'A' - ACHIEVE ALL ACTIVITY, ALL encompassing, ALL you do in your life impacts sleep and is impacted by sleep.

  5. 'M' - MAKE healthy sleep a central priority in your life.

Gerry Jacob, CEO

Wellfirst Sleep Diagnostics


Gerard Jacob is Chairman and CEO of Wellfirst Sleep, a diversified sleep diagnostics and therapeutic organization and PeakBrain, a brain health and performance enterprise, which have served thousands of patients and consumers for more than 15 years.  PeakBrain harnesses the amazing power of the brain to resolve conditions such as insomnia and, is growing rapidly in cities across the U.S.  Gerry's expertise is in bringing innovative clinical services of the highest caliber directly to consumers and communities across the nation, and in enabling professionals to serve those needs. Gerry serves on several boards, including Healthwide Solutions, Sleep Inc. and NSF Services.  His newest book, Peak Brain Power will be released later this year.   Sign up for updates and resources at

Gerry will be presenting on...


The brain controls and influences sleep; with the right knowledge and techniques, discover how the latest advances in science can improve sleep and resolve sleep disturbances.

Saturday, March 9th      2:00      North Stage

"Better Sleep for Better Health"

Sunday, March 10th      2:15      North Stage

"Harness Your Brain for Better Sleep"


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“Everything, from scheduling the appointment, to the study itself, to the results, was very easy. The night of the study, the staff did everything they could to make sure that I felt comfortable. I felt bad that the technician, had to listen to me snore all night. The study confirmed what I had suspected,

that I have a severe case of apnea and that I stopped breathing 60 times an hour. 

During the follow up to try the CPAP mask, The tech was very patient and made sure that I was comfortable.

The result? The first time in 15 years that I woke up rested. A great experience from start to finish.

It changed my life and was so easy!”

~ Stuart Birdseye

“You never know what to expect when you do something for the first time. I thought I was going to be in an all white hospital room with wires hooked up all over me and a bunch of people standing around me with clipboards. It was NOTHING like that!! It's a very nice homey atmosphere and the rooms are just like a bedroom with super comfy beds and pillows. Kim was my technician and she instantly makes you feel so comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone!!!”

~ Miriam Yumliardo

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