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Wellfirst COVID-19 FAQ

Sleep Diagnostic Patient Operations

FAQ:  Questions and Answers

March 20, 2020


We also recognize that this outbreak and its impact might be a source of stress to you and your loved ones.  Although Wellfirst does not provide non-sleep diagnostic services itself, there are services provided by our sister organization - PeakBrain - which are designed to improve wellness, support stress reduction, and improve brain health and performance.  Please click here to learn more about PeakBrain’s free services, and other resources, or call 972.449.0441 to speak with a PeakBrain staffer.   

Further, if you desire other community resources in North Texas, including crisis helplines and other services, please review the list here.  This list has been compiled as a service by Wellfirst’s clinical team.  Feel free to reach out to any of these resources at your convenience.  


Q. When will your in-office sleep studies and Home Sleep Testing be discontinued? 

A. Starting at midnight Monday, March 23, we will not be initiating any new studies or tests until May 4.  We are currently scheduling patient procedures out after May 4. 


Q. How long will you be closed?  When will you reopen?

A. We are targeting that we will reopen for in-lab studies and Home Sleep Tests on May 4, subject to community, regional and national regulations and compliance requirements.


Q. What if I want to schedule on a date after May 4 / after you reopen?

A. We are currently scheduling patient procedures out after May 4.  Please contact us through this link.  


Q. What about my existing appointment?  I was scheduled on a date after March 23?

A. Our clinical coordination team will be in touch with you to reschedule your appointment.


Q. Will you be contacting me or do I need to call/email you about the status of my test/study?

A. We will contact you.


Q. What about my results if my test/study have already been completed in recent days?

A. We will contact you to give you your results and to review next steps for your plan of care.


Q. Will I be able to call your office / Will I be able to contact you for other needs during this hiatus?

A. Yes, we will be available to respond to you, but our response may be delayed as we attend to the most time-sensitive patient needs. We recommend that you email us during the next couple of days. If you don’t reach us please leave us a message.  We will be in touch with you as soon as we can break away from our backlog.

Q. Will I be able to get supplies during the time that you are not seeing patients?

A. Yes, you will be able to get supplies and replacement equipment during this time.


Q. Will I need to come in to see you or have a doctor’s visit in order to get supplies for my CPAP machine, or upgrade or replace my CPAP machine during the time that you and your sleep doctor’s offices are closed for in-person patient visits?

A. We have received indications that the Centers for Medicare Services is waiving certain requirements to make it easier for patients to receive supplies and other equipment replacements during this outbreak. We will work quickly to establish if this is indeed true for any/all private insurance carriers and plans, and will make the answer to this question available to you as soon as we have it.


Q. Some healthcare facilities are still open.  Why are you closing this early?

A. We are following the guidelines established by healthcare authorities and anticipating what coming days and weeks will bring, for the safety of our patients and staff. If other facilities haven’t closed, we anticipate that they will soon.


Q. Will I be able to have a consultation with your sleep doctor during this hiatus?

A. At the moment, Dr. Maxwell, our sleep medical director is also anticipating no further in-person consultations or visits in coming weeks.  However, telehealth consultations are a possibility and we are working with Dr. Maxwell’s office to determine if, how and when these telehealth appointments might be made available. 


Q. What if I have an urgent sleep need, or a comorbidity which requires timely sleep diagnosis or treatment?

A. We will take needs like yours on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us with your situation and we will do our best to refer you or find resources that can be of assistance for you.  (Contact us at:


Q. Where can I turn if I find this situation stressful and I want to find other resources to help me or my loved ones during this period.

A. Please follow this link to resources in North Texas and virtual resources for help.

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