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Sleep disruptions including insomnia explode due to pandemic

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

It's not a surprise that the coronavirus crisis has caused a sharp increase in stress for people of all ages. What is less obvious is the dramatic rise in insomnia and other sleep disruptions, especially especially among vulnerable populations, including mothers, teenagers and frontline workers.

The Guardian reports in this story that these groups have seen a significant increase in trouble sleeping and in sleep quality. What's just as troubling is that these sleep problems coincide with an increase in anxiety and worries, since these subgroups are more impacted by COVID-related changes in schedules, care-giving and work demands and uncertainty in outlook.

Here at Wellfirst, we have long-recognized the connection between stress, anxiety or worries and sleep. There are various categories of Insomnia, but inability to fall or stay asleep, or to be refreshed after sleep certainly qualifies. Insomnia testing, using an innovative at-home sleep study is one of the many types of sleep testing that Wellfirst offers. We also offer remarkably effective therapeutic options that can relieve insomnia without medications or invasive procedures. Click here to learn more.

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